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ELITE Dumpster and Demolition

Elite Dumpster and Demolition is all about connecting you, our customers, with the absolute best services you need in your local area. We take great pride in vetting and maintaining our list of companies who we know you can trust. Elite Dumpster and Demolition has decades of experience providing and brokering services for construction jobs, handyman and other special events, as well as demolition and renovation projects.

Combining our experience in the waste hauling and sanitation rental industry with cutting edge technology, we are able to efficiently and affordably bridge the gap between customers and the site services they need. For us, it's all about delivering a great customer experience from start to finish.

Elite Dumpster and Demolition started as a local, family owned service provider in the Upstate of South Carolina. This means we understand the needs of customers, what's important and how best to serve them. We also understand service providers, scheduling and all the details that go in to delivering quality time after time.


Our experience takes the guess work out of the equation. When you use Elite Dumpsters and Demolition, you can trust that we know the right questions to ask and will connect you with the highest quality products and services in your area. We handle all the order processing and communications so providers can focus on delivering the best services every day.

Elite Dumpsters and Demolition has a commitment to quality that sets us apart, matched with today's best technologies for happy customers all around.


We service the entire Upstate of South Carolina and some Western North Carolina. We offer Demolition and Dumpster services and our parent company, Action Building Services, offers all handyman and remodeling services.

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